An Update, and a Commitment

I’ve had a busy few months of college classes, starting in spring with The Study of Filmed Plays, followed immediately by two overlapping summer sessions for Cinema as Art and Communication 1 (before 1970) and Cinema as Art and Communication 2 (after 1970). All three compressed 16 weeks of content into six to eight weeks, so they were moderately intense, especially since I really worked at doing well in them.

The results, though, represent significant progress for me. I bolstered my derelict, 30-year-old academic transcript with nine units of fresh undergrad Dramatic Arts coursework. I practiced writing papers to current MLA standards. I learned a lot of great approaches and techniques for analyzing filmed plays and movies. And, some of my professors agreed to be academic references for my as-yet hypothetical application to a master’s program.

But, now that classes are done, I feel a bit adrift. I didn’t sign up for any classes over the Fall semester (which started this week) because I wanted to work on other aspects of my reinvention, like looking into prepping for the GRE, researching scholarship and grant opportunities for a master’s program, and figuring out how to edit videos for a possible Udemy course or YouTube channel.

I had thought I’d write more here about my classes, but I just never got around to it. That doesn’t bode well for a potential YouTube channel, because consistent posting is key. Years ago, when I posted every Monday and Friday on my Ad Blog, it fired up new business inquiries like nothing else. Now, even my family journal (which also used to be on a Monday and Friday schedule) has gotten irregular.

So I decided to make a commitment to regular posting. Hereafter, my family journal will go up every Monday so it covers the weekends. I’ll resurrect my Ad Blog with a post every Wednesday (and this week is already a win). And here, look for a new post every Friday. I think that’s doable, especially if my posts here start documenting more of my own journey of mid-life reinvention.

Speaking of which, I’ve taken to walking in the morning and evening, generally racking up over 20,000 steps, or about eight miles. My typical route takes me past three Little Free Libraries. I’ve set numerous books free in them, and picked up a few too.

"Ted & I" by Gerald Hughes
It’s amazing what literary treasures a Little Free Library can hold

This week I found this book: Ted & I: A Brother’s Memoir by Gerald Hughes. When I spotted it, I put the title and the author’s name together in my head, and wondered, could it be? And it was. This is Ted Hughes’ brother’s memoir. All I knew about Ted Hughes was that he was Sylvia Plath’s husband, he was a poet, and that Jonathan Bate, whom I follow like a fanboy, wrote a biography of him so he must be worth learning more about. I’m looking forward to digging in to this as a bit of light reading.

Tune in next Friday!

P.S. If I’m committed to posting here every Friday, why was this posted on a Monday? Because it was, in fact, posted the previous Friday. However, that weekend I had this website moved to a different server to update the PHP. This entire website was regenerated at its new IP address from the most-recent back-up, which didn’t include the latest post. So, this post was lost until I re-posted it today.

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