Academic Update

Last week I started a FutureLearn course on the Tudors. FutureLearn, by the way, is by far the best platform I’ve experienced for online learning, with a stable, easy-to-use user interface, well-organized course modules, fantastic…

Julius Caesar at The Old Globe

I took the family to see Julius Caesar at The Old Globe. The show was part of The Old Globe and University of San Diego Shiley Graduate Theatre Program, so the performers were MFA candidates….

History vs. History Plays

How many people, I wonder, become interested in history through history plays, films, novels, or TV shows? My older son, who was an avid Hamilton fan years before the show came to town, credits his…

The Importance of Being Exton

I’ve seen a half-dozen productions of Richard II both live and (mostly) on DVD, and in most the knight Piers Exton, Richard’s killer, is swapped out for or combined with another character, most often Aumerle….

Ad Blog posts inspired by literature

Work and real life does interfere with my literary pursuits. But, here are a few recent additions to my Ad Blog that were inspired by literature. Falstaff and reputation management: I think Falstaff is Shakespeare’s single greatest creation….