Who am I?

Once upon a time, I studied a lot of literature in college; enough that I would’ve graduated with two degrees (Communications and English) but I’d tested out of two English classes on admission. So, while I had enough credits, I was short two letter grades for a second degree. I could’ve made up the units over summer, but I was 22 years old with a dream job offer at a hot ad agency working with an industry legend. Yeah. I graduated with one degree and got on with life.

I was an advertising copywriter for well over 30 years. Partly out of professional interest and partly out of sheer joy, I kept reading and learning about the works of some of the best writers the world has known.

Which is good, because copywriting no longer brings me joy. The economics of advertising gave rise to hypertargeting technologies and techniques which, in turn, created a world in which the universe really does revolve around the individual, from the ads they see to the feedback they receive to the communities they inhabit. The 2016 election was a tipping point, but I’d been growing disgusted with the ad industry for a long time prior.

What do you do when you decide that your life’s work was actually enabling evil?

Thankfully, there’s still great literature to get lost in.

In a fantasy world, I’d go back to school for a master’s degree in Literature or, better, something like Shakespeare in Performance. But I’m over 50 with family responsibilities, and any money for college has to be put toward our kids.

Yet, if there’s no ROI on a mid-life master’s in Lit, there’s also no ROI on wanting something more out of life.

So here I am, a bit adrift on a journey of mid-life reinvention, along the way rediscovering great literature. This website is about sharing both. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you’ll join me!