Academic Update

Last week I started a FutureLearn course on the Tudors. FutureLearn, by the way, is by far the best platform I’ve experienced for online learning, with a stable, easy-to-use user interface, well-organized course modules, fantastic content, elite instructors, and active discussions. FutureLearn courses are structured so each small topic has its own digestible chunk of information – typically an article, video, or activity – with its own discussion area. I always learn as much from my fellow learners as I do from the actual course content. For instance, I’ve received terrific book, video, and travel recommendations.

I had moved on to the second week of content because my other class, on Shakespeare and History’s King John, was to start this Monday. But I got a call from Oasis saying that that class had been canceled. I was really looking forward to it too.

That leaves the Tudors on FutureLearn, Marlowe and History’s Edward II at Oasis (I hope), and then a for-credit online class on the Study of Filmed Plays from San Diego City College.

If the Marlowe class gets canceled, it won’t bode well for taking early modern literature/medieval history courses at Oasis. I’d like to take a class in-person, but if it’s going to have to be a full-on college class, I’d want it to count toward something.

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